Fernando Costantini

Before being able to completely understand the world of electronic music, Fernando Costantini experienced many events throughout Europe. His inspiration came while struggling financially to travel just to listen to a wide range of DJ sets. But for him this journey was a learning experience. This is where he started to grasp the chemistry between the surrounding sounds and the bass lines. In fact, thanks to those traveling experiences he quickly found his way into electronic music. Fernando’s approach to deejaying includes Hip-Hop influences giving his music, as he describes, a sense of: “warmth and sexiness”. tINI, who immediately saw his potential, played a significant role in his musical development. The mix of fun and serious work played an important part in his evolvement.The limitless collaboration with tINI & the gang gave him the confidence to work through criticism and to create qualitative music.
He also mentions his collaboration with Alexandar Kyosev as a natural chemistry. As a matter of fact, Fernando’s rigor and Alex’s flexibility give a great coherence to their team. Equally crucial is the symphony remix from Dana Ruh as well as his contribution with the Brouqade label, for which he has been deejaying as well. Finally, he says he also got his confidence thanks to the opportunity to be a resident at the Audio Rama State of Flow in Brussels.