Bella Sarris•Resident

I think almost everyone can recall a defining moment in their lives where they have enjoyed music on a higher level. Whether you are driving down the highway or dancing in a nightclub, music can have so much influence on your mood and overall experience.

I always knew this. It’s not such profound idea, however it wasn’t until I stepped foot in the Space Terrace for the first time in 2009, and experienced it on such a large scale that I really became aware how much power that human being on the other side of the decks had over me and the thousands on the dance floor around me.

This realisation, combined with the new sounds of ‘underground’ house and techno music – somewhat foreign to the untrained ears of an 18 year old Australian – made up my moment, started my obsession and sparked my romance with the Island.

Since then, every dance floor has become a classroom and every party a chance to train my ears and study what works with the crowd. Of course, places like the Space Terrace have their own unique magic. I was drawn back to this time and time again until finally things got serious between us in 2012 when I started working for ENTER. and Ibiza became my second home.

The universe really does work in strange and wonderful ways because exactly five years later I will find myself on the side where the ‘knobs and slidy things’ are, back in an even deeper end of the pool, still trying not to drown.

All the hours on all the dance floors around the world could not prepare me for this, but at least I know how good it can be on the other side. With great power comes great responsibility, and if I can use this to make even one person feel how I did back in 2009, then I am happy.

See you on the dance floor :)