Ibiza has entered a new chapter, with the launch of the island’s first true sake bar experience and Richie Hawtin’s ENTER.Sake has become the go-to destination on the island. The sunset terrace at the award-winning Space club in Playa d’en Bossa has been transformed into an intimate Japanese inspired room, where guests can indulge in premium Japanese Sake, spirits, beers and a selection of sake cocktails, specially created for the ENTER. Sake room by the 41° cocktail bar in Barcelona.

Sake is brewed from rice, water & yeast; the soul of Japan and the ENTER.Sake range of Japanese premium Sakes have been carefully chosen for their delicate tastes. Hawtin, himself a trained Sake professional and a huge fan of Japanese culture, has personally hand-selected all eleven Sake options that will be featured throughout the season.

Two, special limited-edition Sake’s, ENTER (Toyo Bijin, Junmai Daiginjo) and DOT (Sookuu, Junmaishu) will be featured. The latter having never been shipped or tasted outside of Japan before!

“The Sake community reminds me of our electronic music scene, a small, independent tight-knit community filled with creative people trusting their intuition and following their feelings to produce something truly unique.”
– Richie Hawtin

In addition, the versatility of the age-old traditional Japanese drink is also highlighted by 41°’s specially created Sake & Shochu based menu, which includes cocktails Fuji, Sky, Rising Sun and Minus.