Neel Pressphoto 4


Neel is an artist who pays close attention to the technical aspect of
sound whether producing in the studio, DJing or playing live around
the world. His considered output fuses rhythm and texture with
techno and ambience in hugely captivating ways, as proved by his
latest LP Phobos, which was well received by all media and set a
new standard for ambient music. Further releases on labels like
Bunker NY and Spectrum Spools only confirm the uniqueness of his
sound, and that also comes across in his immersive ambient AV
shows at places like Mutek and Berlin Atonal, his solo live techno
shows and of course Voices From the Lake, his live and studio
collaboration with Donato Dozzy. Neel is, then, a true modern day
techno craftsman who can do surreal and unusual things with sound
in truly unique ways.