.thejass. (pronounced ‘dot the jass dot’) is a DJ, visual artist, writer and video director based in Brooklyn, NY, USA whose underworld creations take a firm place in the dark subconscious. DJing experimental electronic music that is built up with cinematic soundscapes, taken down with deep ambient, then dragged around with drone metal, a .thejass. DJ mix creates a haunting experience for the mind. Wearing a dark cloak, .thejass. prefers the shadows of a room filled with heavy smoke and strobe lighting, emphasizing a mysterious musical experience.

With bookings around NYC gaining attention, namely The Bunker party and Kiss & Tell party at The Panther Room in Output Club, .thejass. DJ mixes have been showcased nationally on Proton Radio with Chloe Harris, East Village Radio, Newtown Radio, and globally on Scottish based The Slabs Of The Tabernacle mix series – culminating in .thejass. first international gig in 2013 playing at Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. party at Space Club in Ibiza, Spain. Currently .thejass. is producing music that combines techno and drone metal by pitching down and editing loops of dance music’s 4/4 time signature with long samples of doom metal, melding the tempos and heaviness of sound into a style .thejass. calls ‘Murdered Out Techno’.