Sven Väth

A man whose commitment has influenced electronic music all over the world: Sven Väth. Unerring visionary and global player, possessing the most legendary reputation imaginable. Charismatic head of Cocoon, Ibiza pioneer and universally loved. Enigmatic figurehead of the German techno scene, passionate DJ pioneer and for many of us simply „Babba“. Sven Väth’s charisma is hard to explain but is instantly obvious once you experience him behind the decks. He’s surrounded by an atmosphere that emphasizes his excessive devotion to music and immediately reveals what’s happening: something beyond the compliant world of electronic music. Regardless of whether you’re at a small, secret afterhour with 50 churned-up dancers or at a 100.000 people event. The energy that emanates from Sven seems to be universally comprehensible and it turns him into the number one export item of the German techno league. His number one passion is and always has been DJing, a passion he’s been pursuing intensely for decades. No continent he’s not visiting on a regular basis, no hot spot that doesn’t get its dose of Sven Väth. Sven is a happening, an extraordinary happening, and something you simply must experience if you want to comprehend where techno comes from and where it is headed.