Damian Lazarus

Since the moment he spun his first record, Damian Lazarus’s mission has
been a clear and urgent one: to blow away the mediocre, the over-
inflated, the obsolete; to seek out and celebrate the energetic, the
important, the new. Always rebelling, always going places.

“…and to have fun in the process. Playing around with different styles and
ideas is what I do best,” Lazarus explains.

Driven by an almost childlike curiosity, a vivid imagination and wicked
sense of humor, he’s used his role as a DJ, label owner and now musician
to nurture and share the most exciting and experimental music on the
planet. Drawn to the darkness, but buoyed by the light, ever ready to
embrace new ideas and different perspectives on music and the
dancefloor, Lazarus is always ahead of the curve, with a wry smile on his
face and a neat trick up his sleeve, How many DJs do you know who’ve
played ‘Reviewing The Situation (from the Oliver! soundtrack, no less) half-
speed to a jubilant crowd at DC10 in Ibiza. How many DJs do you know
who’ve received a sitting ovation on the dancefloor?